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  • hd43m0n
    started a topic GA-AX370-Gaming K7

    GA-AX370-Gaming K7

    Hi Everyone!

    My PC freezes/hangs when bios I'm entering the BIOS setup, but Windows boots in a proper way.
    When I wanted to...
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  • chestwood96
    started a topic X3 v6/v7 barebones version

    X3 v6/v7 barebones version

    Hello everyone.

    - Is there a barebones version of the 94Wh model, so I can choose my own RAM and SSD without paying for 8GB dimms that I...
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  • David Liu
    started a topic New year resolution

    New year resolution

    I bought a aorus X5v6 in November and I am very satisfied with the product. However I think there is a few areas that future product can improve upon....
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  • It's finally here! AORUS Gaming Laptops with GeForce GTX 10 Series!!

    Hi Everyone! It kills not being able to talk to you about the cool stuff. But now the wait is finally over! Meet the new AORUS gaming laptops with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics! There'll also be an unboxing video for you guys in a day or two. As always, feel free to comment! --------------------------- Watch the new v...
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  • [Contest] Next Gen keyboard feedback! Tell us! Win Stuff!

    Hi Everyone!

    In the last few weeks the AORUS team has been brain storming ideas for the Next Generation K7 gaming keyboard. While we have some avid gamers in house with some great ideas on what we should include on the Next Gen keyboard, I thought it would not only be a good idea to get direct feedback from our customers, but also an opportunity to give away...
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  • What type of programs do you mainly use except for game?

    Only surfing the Internet
    Office(Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet, Slideware...)
    Design (+Photo/Video Editing)
    Developing (Web, App, System)
    Game Developing
    Contents Consuming Platform (Music, Movies, TV Shows, E-Books, Podcasts, etc...)
    ETC (Please write a post with your own programs & purposes below.)
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    You know, and I know, Aorus is a gaming laptop series. But every man has different favorites and lives in different environment. So users maybe use their...
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    started a topic [free stuff] Lucky Draw Forum Winners!

    [free stuff] Lucky Draw Forum Winners!

    Hey everyone!

    As promised we're giving away some sweet AORUS swag! we've picked 20 active users randomly from the member list. 10 of you...
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  • Please recommend different kinds of mechanical key switches gaming keyboards

    I found a lot of different Cherry key switches on the internet, black, blue, brown, red and even green, gray, white....etc. And some said Cherry has at...
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  • Detachable Gaming Keyboard AORUS THUNDER K7 Unboxing!!!

    When you get your AORUS THUNDER K7, you will see the package with a plastic sleeve...

    Take it out!! The front package is nice!...
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  • That's the sound when using THUNDER K7!!! NICEEEE~~~~

    I like the sound!! Not too loud but still with the feeling of mechanical keyboard!!
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