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Feature Request for AORUS Support

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  • Feature Request for AORUS Support

    I've noticed that the AORUS support website does not get updated with recent drivers as quickly as the Driver Update app does. That's not really a big deal, but my request is to give some additional information about the updates on the support download page. It's probably not reasonable to give additional information for updated driver versions (I can find driver information for the Intel WiFi drivers on Intel's site), but it would be great to see the changes for BIOS updates.

    For example, the FD05/F006 BIOS update was released today for the AORUS X5. I'd like to know the reason behind the BIOS update and what has changed since the FB04/FD04 BIOS version.

    Other than that, I like the new design of the AORUS site and the new layout on the support side. It's much nicer to have a dedicated support button, rather than having to go to the product page for the device and scroll to the bottom of the page for software and driver information.

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    Thanks again for your invaluable feedback.

    We agree with you. We are actually currently working on streamlining our processes, updates included. We are going to attempt to keep our users posted as updates come down the pipe via our Official Forums and Social Media (Facebook/Twitter). We are already in the process to adjusting the forums here to accommodate those changes.

    As AORUS continues to grow we will change and adjust to come up with ways to try and better serve our customers.

    Please look forward to it.


    AORUS Gaming

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      I think there are no ideal things in the world. But all of us should strive for the best. Frankly speaking, I haven't big problems with this source. As well as on team prevents bugs here.