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Which laptop would make you "HERE TAKE MY MONEY" and why?

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  • Which laptop would make you "HERE TAKE MY MONEY" and why?

    New updated versions are on show at CES 2017.
    Here is a quick poll!
    X5 v7
    X7 v7
    X9 concept
    X3 Plus v7
    X7 DT v7

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    I would vote the x7 v7 to be take my money prize due to few new things.
    first updated cooling. updated design and also the new underbelly redesign looks promising.
    I would sadly vote against the x9 concept with SLI configuration untill i knew it had no issues from nvidia.
    but yes x7 seems to be the winning ticket here today especially with 4k screen with g sync.


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      It's the X5 v7 for me. I really like the size and weight of the X3 Plus for portability, but I'm not carrying my laptop around as much anymore now that I'm done with school, so I can afford to have some extra size and weight. Conversely, I do still carry my laptop to work and when I travel, so a 17.3" laptop like the X7 is a bit too big for my liking. So the X5 fits very nicely in the middle. Plus, even though the total power draw under load can reach over 200W, I can still use one of my slim 165W adapters under normal load, which will lighten up my bag as well.

      But as for the upgrade from the current X5 v6 to the newly announced X5 v7, the two main selling points for me are the inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 and the 4K display. TB3 will allow me to get rid of my desktop PC and use a dock or eGPU enclosure to leave my monitors and USB peripherals connected, so I'll only need to connect a single cable at my desk. As for the 4K display, sure the gaming performance won't be as good as if it's running at FHD settings (easily switchable), but I'd personally be utilizing it for programming and graphic design, so a higher pixel density is big plus.

      I'm glad that with the X5 v7, I'll finally be able to use a single machine for everything (aside from Mac and iOS programming). I've tried the new Razer Blade and MSI GS63VR, and while they meet most of my needs, the Blade doesn't have enough storage space for my game library, game engines, IDEs, projects, and personal items, and I just can't stand the trackpad on the GS63VR.


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        If the x5 v7 added a MUX to switch between the iGPU and dGPU and got rid of the 'old' ports that had rubber stoppers in them, then you shall have my money (as long as the display is good).


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          X9 all day, err day.
          AORUS X5 V6-CF2 - 120Hz G-SYNC 1920x1080, GTX 1070, I7-6820HK, 16GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe SSD, 1TB HDD.

          3DMark 15 120 -


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            Registered just to vote. I've been doing a ton of research and for the price/features, X5 V7 fits the bill perfectly.


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              I am looking to move from desktop workstation to a portable laptop. The X3 plus V7 has most of what I want, including dual PCIE SSD drives, (Aorus got this right),

              However, the X3 plus V7's lack of built-in ports with the current specs makes the connectivity of the machine effectively legacy.

              I'm not paying top dollar for legacy.

              Here is a wish list for the X3 V8:
              • Processor/Chip Set
                • Optional no TPM function (hardware disabled = cannot be overridden by software).
                • Optional no vPro function (hardware disabled = cannot be overridden by software).
                • Physical jumper that prevents BIOS re-flashing (hardware disabled = cannot be overridden by software)
              • 15" zero bezel 4k touch display. (makes it a 14")
              • Switchable graphics (graphic card to built-in Intel chip graphics to save on battery)
              • Upgradeable to 64 GB RAM.
              • Dual PCIe 3.1 (NVME) SSD drives.
              • Ports
                The connectivity requirements for portable laptops are much higher than for desktop replacement laptops, precisely because they are portable. Lugging around a box full of hardware adapters and cables is not for what I will pay top dollar. These should be be built-in.
                • USB 3.1
                  • type A port. (x1) The A type is in the process of becoming legacy, but will be around long enough to need it.
                  • type C port. (x1) Flash drives and such are converting to this. Will need this in addition to the Thunderbolt 3 type C port.
                • Thunderbolt 3 (x1)
                • Display port 1.4 (x1)
                • HDMI 2.1(x1)
                • SDXC/multi-card slot (x1)
                  (flush with laptop when inserted, spring loaded popout - lenovo style)
                • Analog combined audio/mike jack
              • Antennae installed for:
                Again, the communications requirements for a portable laptop are much higher than for desktop replacement laptops, precisely because they are portable. However, Aorus can make it so that we can easily adapt the machine to our needs by having the antennae installed so we only have to swap the wifi card.
              • Battery:
                • Larger (I'd go up to 6lbs for the laptop for this).
                • Removable from the outside so I can carry a charged spare. (Beats the heck out of foraging for and then competing for a wall outlet).
                • I do NOT mean a "power bank" setup that forces me to have two things out connected by a wire.
                  • When traveling I want to sit comfortably with just the laptop in my lap as I will usually not have a table, but only a chair.
                  • When the time comes to leave, I just want to fold my laptop into my briefcase/pack and walk away, with no fuss, and NO chance of forgetting something that renders the laptop useless.
                  • When in a meeting with clients, I do NOT want to have to pull out a laptop and then pull out additional gear and wires. Just the single Aorus laptop for which I spent the 45 seconds before the meeting needed to swap the battery out of my briefcase.
                • Have the power supply plug directly into the removable battery instead of the laptop. There is no reason to plug into the laptop if we are lugging around a power brick. Maybe let one part of the battery rise high enough for a socket and the laptop itself match it? That way one could work on the computer using one battery, while leaving the other battery charging near an electrical outlet.
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                That is a lot of neat functions you have stated!
                I will definitely throw this into the AORUS brainstorm meetings!



                • alphacrash
                  alphacrash commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I have read the build quality issues in other parts of this forum, and the problems with aorus support.

                  In addition to the hardware features listed above, I would add an optional level of service - 100% REPLACEMENT hardware in that Aorus sends back a new "whatever" is sent in. Charge extra $$ for the coverage.

                  READ THAT: I am having keyboard issues, intermittent boot issues. I send in the laptop without the hard drives or battery. Aorus sends back an identical NEW computer without the hard drives and without the battery.

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                MY DREAM LAPTOP: (till end 2017)
                Since im a 3D artist, i would splash upto 4000€ on such a machine:
                17" 4k Touch GSync 120Hz Matt detachable panel (but can be wire connected)+ Stylus (Wacom type) abode rgb 100%
                THIN and LIGHT 30mm 3kg Max (eg: asus zephyrus)
                multi core I7 or I9 even Intel high clock processor (if possible to keep cool) fr dem renders!
                GTX 1080 (max-q acceptable) fr dem games!
                PCIe NVMe 2TB (no 2.5 HDD needed.. put extra fan instead!) upgradable!
                removable battery
                32 GB RAM upable to 64
                Thunderbolt 3
                Blacklit RGB keyboard + numpad (away from screen (acer triton) works better for work)
                Black Alumnium Matt finish.. no colored aorus logo pls on trackpad. not everyone is an orange fan
                laptop sleave inlcuded. bonus headset for this recipe. and backpack and free games.