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X9 at CES

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  • X9 at CES

    What is it? Even I don't have photos of it. I will try steal some from the company internal archive. Wish me luck!

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    well if rumours are to be held any water. its a sli configuration 17 inch laptop. with mechanical keyboard and some new look.
    good luck and make us proud soldier sneak like a true big boss from mgsv and quick as a bee and gracefull as a butterfly!


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      Great proof of concept. If it truly has MX Browns as mentioned in the video, then that's incredible to get those switches in a chassis that slim! And good choice on using a non-clicky switch as well. I tried out the new Razer Blade Pro and the keyboard is horrid! Aside from the fact that I personally don't like clicky switches (my main keyboard at my desk is a Razer DeathStalker Chroma with membrane keys), half of the switches had no tactile or audible response when releasing the key while the other half did, and the actuation force was also very different between keys.

      If you're looking for opinions though, it's not something that I would be interested in. After issues with the GTX 965Ms in SLI on the original X5, I'd prefer a single GPU, and the 17.3" form factor is a bit too large for me. I'd have to try the keyboard to give an opinion there, but my current favorite laptop keyboard (after a couple of hours to get used to the shorter travel) is on the 2016 MacBook Pros. The new butterfly switches have a nice tactile feedback, and although they are clicky, it's nowhere near as bad as a mechanical keyboard with MX Blues.


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        Thanks for the feedback! I must try get some clearer photos for you guys!


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          A photo that no one has! Keep it on the low down.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	x9.jpg
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          • Gespensterjaeger
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            nevermind saw wrong
            did look like the support structure could house a extender screen but maybe just the angle makes it look like that.
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          also seem to be some kind of led strip around the middle of the laptop building surface ?


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            eaither way looks good keep it up.