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Request for next gen Aorus laptops

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  • Request for next gen Aorus laptops

    Well I currently have P870km1-G, and to be honest, while this machine is a beast, I feel like I've sacrificed everything for the performance. Therefore I've been looking for a laptop that will give the best balance between the quality of the laptop itself, performance, portability, expendability, and warranty, than I am here again.

    I am not going to say Aorus make perfect laptops - there is no such thing as perfect laptop in the world - but they make the most well balanced laptop in my opinion. (well better than the Razer Blade Pro) However, they do have few things to fix, and I am actually requesting Aorus - MKT to fix or change these things that I am going to mention.

    1. PLEASE RELEASE YOUR LAPTOP ON TIME. I will be honest with you guys. When I was planning to buy a new laptop, I was so ready to buy Aorus X7 Dt v7, however, the laptop was heavily delayed. They've released their laptops 3 months after when everyone was selling kabylake processor laptops. This is huge and really sad for the products -epecially for Aorus X7 Dt v7, which many reviewers claims that it is the best machine that Aorus / Gigabyte ever created. So for next 8th gen processor or graphics card, PLEASE RELEASE IT ON TIME

    2. Ports? - Maybe add another mini display port and usb 3.0? So that we could have 1 HDMI 2.0, 2 mdp for multiple displays, and use the thunderbolt port 3 for other stuff (exteral gpu dock maybe :P). And I am not so sure why Aorus moved one usb 3.0 port, when the original version actually had 5 usb 3.0 ports while the newer version has 4.

    3. Add another m.2 slots. I've been asking for another HDD slots in the past, but since Aorus is putting 94 w battery, I think I can live with 1 HDD slot. But please keep the 3 m.2 slots. I am seeing so many "thin and light" gaming laptops to have only one or two m.2 slots, which is crazy. Newer titles are asking more storage but more gaming laptop companies are making laptop that only has one or two m.2 slots. What are they thinking! I don't want Aorus to go to the same path.

    These are the things that I am looking to see from Aorus. To be honest, there aren't a lot of complaints and these are very easy things add or fix. Aorus is now using great gaming display -3k 120hz G-sync display is AMAZING-, Great RGB keyboard, and it has glass trackpad for premium feel. Also after reading multiple reviews of Aorus X7, DT v6, DT v7 I am so excited to see next gen DT series. They look sleek, powerful, and most importantly it has international warranty that I really need. (Unfortunately many clevo resellers does not offer international warranty)
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