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Gigabyte driver downloads

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  • Gigabyte driver downloads

    You go there to get the latest drivers and its a mess. You really dont know which ones you need. Would be good to have an expanded description and remove the old ones . Asus Rog has the recent driver/app showing and by clicking on the + button it expands to show the older driver/apps. I dont have a DVD so the disk is useless but what would be good is you had all the Essential current drivers for the motherboard listed under Essential

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    the drivers and apps are better when searching from the Gigabyte web site and the BIOS there is more recent...why did they even bother to open this site ? were they hoping it would turn into something like the ROG forums ? well if you where hoping you have to put some effort in


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      Thank you, your information has helped, it's good that this forum still has such literate and responsive people