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Aourus Z270x- Gaming 9 80c1

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  • Aourus Z270x- Gaming 9 80c1

    I'm having problems with my Z270x- Gaming 9 , I'm hoping its a software or Bios problem since I updated with the APP center yesterday from F1 to F5 and all utility's and chip set as well. I'm getting the 80C1 on my lsd display when booting so I've been checking individual RAM and it seem I can boot up with a single RAM stick in Slot 1, and 2 RAM sticks in 1 and 3, but I was ruining 4 Corsair Dominators in all slots up entil now, If I add any more then 2 it wont boot up and I get this 80C1 on the display in POST. Please help its only a 4,5 month old system. SPECS
    Mobo =Aourus Z270x- Gaming 9
    GPU = Aorus 1080ti xtream edition
    CPU = Intel i7-7700k
    RAM = Corsair Dominator platinum /ddr4 2400mhz 4x8GB 14-16-16-31 1.20V ver4.31.
    HDD = Samsung SSD 960 EVO 1 TB m.2
    Powersupply = Ev3A 850 G2

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    Very unpleasant problem, I hope you managed to solve it, otherwise I'm disappointed in the support service