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More Gaming 7 probs

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  • More Gaming 7 probs

    Latest BIOS and no Gigabyte software except for the AGE and that for only the GPU ( the motherboard side and sync not touched in AGE ) . Only use Fusion in the BIOS and its now working ok.

    But the Samsung 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD 512GB drive will not show in the BIOS. Have tried it in the top and bottom slot but the BIOS doesn't see it. Have removed my 2 other SSD's which include a Samsung 850 SSD just in case their was some conflict between the SATA and the M.2 .

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    ok..after 2 weeks of dealing with Gigabyte support and convincing them that this was happening and sending pics and telling them I wanted to RMA the motherboard they looked into it and apparently setting the Storage boot option control not as the default but as Legacy works for this drive. Something about the 950 ( not the 960 ) having uefi on it....bugger if I understand but this works and the drive is now visible in the BIOSD and bootable


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      Very instructive story, thank you for telling us it completely and so unbiased. Now we can draw conclusions