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The problem with the speed of the fan

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  • The problem with the speed of the fan

    I bought the motherboard Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming. PC configuration: i7 8700k + GTX 1060. Found the following issue when configuring the cooling system of the computer. Regularuli fans produced via the BIOS and via AppCenter. The fact that the connectors SysFan2A\2B, the fan speed corresponds to the displayed settings ONLY when in the BIOS. Should load Windows, as the fan in this connector, it spins at full power! No matter what settings I put for it. All other connectors fans behave correctly. Reinstallation of Windows did not change anything! Tell me how to fix this. BIOS versions tried F4 and F5/ there is no Difference. Thank you!
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    I found out, it's not the connector SYS_Fan2... having Tried all configuration of connectors and fans, I came to the conclusion that the bug lies in the fact that the motherboard for some reason can not adjust the fan voltage (3-pin) even when setting the voltage in BIOS. After passing through the screen Roti the beginning of Windows boot, as I understand it, the motherboard switches to PWM regulation or motherboard delivers maximum voltage to the fan. Accordingly, the 3-pin fans on maximum rpm. Please correct this bug. Just bought a new motherboard, and it is such a nasty bug(
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      I confirm the ISSUE and this is a big one, fans 100% all the time, please fix it ASAP.


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        I got rid off app centre and in BIOS put fans to PWN mode and in bios selected "quiet" and that seems to do turn of the 100% bug

        but for most of my fans I use LINK software from Corsair as I have the Commander pro