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Aorus x7 v6 color keyboard software

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  • Aorus x7 v6 color keyboard software

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an issue with my color keyboard. I have installed Aorus graphics engine to change the color of my keyboard and it doesn't work. I'm able to launch the software, and change the fan values, but when I click on VGA, the window pop and close automaticly. I try to reinstall it, to install older version (1.22, 1.24 et 1.28), for now I go back to the lastest, the 1.30, and it doesn't work too. I tried to install the soft on another computer (a Lenovo) and I have the same bug.

    My keyboard is always purple, i tried to go to the BIOS to check if i could do something, and there is nothing inside.

    I tried fn + space and it's only light off and light on the keyboard with only one color : Purple.

    Is there another program to change the color of my keyboard ? I am only able to change the colors of the macro key with the button.

    I think about completly reinstall Windows but I think it's too much...

    If you have any idea it will be very nice

    Sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker.
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