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Something Wrong with my wifi connection

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  • Something Wrong with my wifi connection

    my laptop is x5v7, with the killer 1535 wireless net card.
    and its connection is poor, i tried the drivers aorus provided and the one killer provided, but the connection is still poor.

    it will disconnect aotumaticlly, besides, even if it connects to the wifi, the connection is still poor.
    maybe 30 seconds online, and i should wait for 10mins for another 30 seconds online.

    how should i deal with it?

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    I have the exact same problem,
    X5V7, 2 days old, everything uptodate. W-lan only with about 40kbps, it sucks,
    tried everything I found online, I think the only solution is changing the Wlan module to Intel or something....

    I tried my cellphone as hotspot (tethering), I had full speed Wlan ~11mbps
    I guess it must be some problem with router/fritzbox/or something inbetween.


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      My wifi does not work either. Brand new day old X7 v7 but wifi, drops off every time you access a web page, while its not dropped off it gets abot 1Mb.sec while my seven year old Dell sitting next to it, gets 20Mb/s!!! This could be a great machine (and SHOULD be for the money) but they just done seem to have gotten any of the basics right...