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Aorus X9 and Windows 10 1709

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  • Aorus X9 and Windows 10 1709


    After the 1709 update, Command & Control Center won't launch anymore and drivers update is useless : it downloads stuff but doesn't install it and even when finding archives : they are password protected and I cannot extract the file inside...
    I've tried uninstalling and re-installing both versions of each but no luck.
    Would you have a link for the latest BIOS (FB0A) ? I'm currently with FB09.

    Fan control is impossible even with HWinfo and OC / undervolt still possible via XTU but with restrictions.
    Also, even when setting min CPU freq at 5%, it won't go down and stay at max frequency litteraly all the time...


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    I have the same problem. I contacted support using the form on the Aorus site, but I don't expect to receive any kind of response for a while (they state something like 3-7 business days).

    Since there isn't a moderator on the forum currently, perhaps some savvy X9 user could comment?

    Please, help!


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      Same problem here and pretty damn annoying. If you guys find out anything, post back here please and I'll do the same.