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X7 V6 - issues after bios update

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  • X7 V6 - issues after bios update

    Hi all,

    so over the last year my x7v6 has been great, but recently there are a number of annoying issues that have started to appear...

    1, the drivers update app is almost always wrong, the installed version of which ever driver is mostly a different version that both the offical and latest, i have tried to update the wifi drivers so many times but nothing ever changes!

    2, i am now regularly getting a black screen when opening the lid. its like the laptop just doens't wake up and gets stuck

    3, wifi - every time i open the lid i have to diagnose my wifi connection in adapter options and then reset the laptop, trouble shooting does nothing to resolve the issue, this is a huge pain in the ass.

    if anyone has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated
    drivers update