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Aorus BIOS Unlock

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  • Aorus BIOS Unlock

    I've had my X5 V6 for approximately a year and had numerous problems with OC and battery life. Command and Control is a very un-optimized solution for overclocking and messes with my configured colour profile. It also does not allow my processor to run without being overclocked, be it the highest or lowest setting on C&C. If I want lower temps and better battery life, I have to uninstall, or atleast unload C&C. But if I do that, however; I won't be able to control the fans and will not be able to control the brightness of the backlight. I request anyone from Aorus to take note of this and either provide a full bios unlock in an update or provide atleast partial control over some things in the bios like turning on Speed Step or fan control etc. Readers please take note, help me bump this post and tag the admins and other Aorus members to get it noticed fast.


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