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x5 v7 Keyboard not working

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  • x5 v7 Keyboard not working

    Hello, recently purchased Aorus x5 v7, right off the box had wifi issues where it shows connected but couldn't go online and wifi adapter kept restarting. After some research solved that issue with updating to the latest killer INF drivers. Works like a charm for now. Then my keyboard started typing random letters and after some restarts stopped working completely, no lights, nothing. Tried updating it with Holtek TinyProgrammer version V1.0.2 as I found someone had same issue searching on google, but it always shows :
    Current version : not read
    Status :Not connected
    Result : Connecting AP
    And after some time it says Result : Connect AP fail!
    Any help would be much appreciated. I already submited ticket to Aorus about this, still waiting for a reply.

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    Hey EclipseFTW,

    Your best option would be to contact AORUS warranty support for your country via phone. The keyboard issue you and others are describing sounds like a hardware issue, either with the connection between the keyboard and the logic board or something within the keyboard itself. Here's the link to the AORUS warranty page:

    Just select your country and laptop for the product type, then give them a call.


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      Yea I'll do that. I'm from UK, heard some bad things bout Aorus support here though. Hopefully it all works out. BTW got the WIFI to work by updating drivers to the latest one from killer website, so at least there's that. Will keep you updated for other people that may have this issue, heard it's pretty common one with this model


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        I've heard of a couple of instances with keyboard issues on this model, but I've had the same model for a while now and haven't had that issue. WiFi has been a known issue with Killer for a while, but as you said, they seem to have fixed the issues with the current drivers.

        AORUS uses MendIT for all warranty work in the UK. Some people have had pretty quick turnaround times through them, but I have also heard some bad stories about MendIT. Hope it all works out for you.


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          Are they supposed to fix or replace it here in UK?


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            I'm not 100% sure since I'm in the US, but I believe that MendIT is a repair facility, so they would test the laptop and replace any necessary components. So they would likely replace the keyboard and/or the logic board, depending on which they determine to be the cause of the issue.


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              Alright, thank you for the info, already contacted them, they're checking serial numbers right, now, waiting for a reply. Will keep you updated on how it goes


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                Laptop just got back from mendIT, it was just a cable loose. They reconnected it voila, everything works!