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[Resolved] X3 + Win10 Home = Broken Driver Update Utility

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  • [Resolved] X3 + Win10 Home = Broken Driver Update Utility

    Just upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1, and the Driver Update utility now only shows a giant black box in the middle of the screen that won't go away.
    You have to kill it in the Task Manager to get it to go away. I've uninstalled/reinstalled several times now, and nothing helps.
    Will you have an updated app and/or new Windows 10 downloads soon?
    AORUS X3-CF1

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    Hi Skralg,
    We are currently working on releasing the drivers and utilities for Windows 10 once they've been fully tested.
    Verified models ​will have a "Windows 10" option in the download section of the product page. (e.g. X3 Plus v3)
    Other models will also be ready soon.


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      Yea that why I am waiting for you guys to fix win 10 drivers otherways no upgrading to it


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        Originally posted by vitaly2007 View Post
        Yea that why I am waiting for you guys to fix win 10 drivers otherways no upgrading to it
        Try one of these: or

        I'm currrently using 1.3.9 on my X7 Pro with Windows 10 and it's working just fine
        Aorus X7 Pro:
        CPU: i7-4870HQ | GPU:Dual GTX970m 3GB SLI | RAM: Ballistix 2x8GB 1866MHz | HDD: 1TB 5400rpm | SSD: 2 x 128GB mSATA, RAID 0 | Display: 17.3" 1920x1080 IPS


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          I just check Driver Update app, they published version 1.4.2, try to get this directly:


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          I am using Driver Update utility 1.43 on my Aorus x3 + v1. So far everything is working but Command and Controls fan control. I just updated the driver update utility through the driver update utility to get to 1.43. Also does anyone know directly where to find the list of the latest drivers/ utilities the update utility downloads? When I compare the list of drivers on the Aorus support site to the ones in Driver Update utility, the ones through the app are much newer. It would be great to download them manually outside of the app, since sometimes it feels like I am on dial up.


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            The app seems show that only with approved version, did not newest.