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US Market: Can I add an SSD, RAM and repaste my machine without voiding my warranty?

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  • US Market: Can I add an SSD, RAM and repaste my machine without voiding my warranty?

    I've done repastes and upgrades on dozens of laptops I've owned in the past (Dell, Alienware, ASUS, MSI) -- but have never owned a Gigabyte/Aorus. I see tamper stickers on the bottom of my machine. This is a little worrying. I've never dealt with a product (even Apple) that stops me via warranty tamper sticker from upgrading my RAM, HDD, or hell even a repaste with thermal compound (NOT LIQUID METAL, HELL NO) of my choosing. Obviously those companies have stipulations that if you break something in the process of upgrading said thing (or repasting) then the warranty is no longer valid for that fix. Is this the case with Aorus (for the US market)?

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      UNKNEXCEP The support you get on these forums from an actual Aorus rep is pretty non-existent as far as I've seen. Especially lately about their newest models.

      I think I saw this come up for older models somewhere (maybe another forum) and replacing the SSD and RAM shouldn't void the warranty. As for the repaste, never read any info on that. Definitely don't take my word for either because they may have changed their mind on the V7 models.

      Best bet for Aorus Rep support is to send them an email through their "Contact Us" link. They have been replying to my questions about the V7 models within 3-4 business days. Once you get a response, you can post it here because I am sure plenty others have the same question about the repaste.