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My Problems with my Aorus X5V6

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  • My Problems with my Aorus X5V6

    I really want to love this laptop, I do. However there are so many problems that add up to make it an overall unsatisfying experience. I will now list some small problems that really make the use of this laptop unsatisfactory.

    For the keyboard, this is the main problem with the laptop, I have no clue it is software problems or hardware defects of whatever. For example, when I TOUCH the number 6 on the numpad (without pressing it down), the key begins to spam 6 and 4 at the same time, the only way to stop it is to press them both randomly. Also pressing 4, on the numpad somehow types a 6 sometimes, this is me pressing four 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 4446666 (the duration of 1 second). When I press numlock, the situation gets ever worse, instead of it being 4's and 6's it is now left and right, so as i am typing it just moves left and right. Example: Thi s is no w m etrying use this dreadful keyboadr. Another problem, whenever i am using the first two rows of the qwerty, so row Q and row A, it types the number. So example of me typing normally on this keyboard: aq7 sw7 de7 f7r gt7 hy7 ju7 ki7 l7o ;p7 '[7 \]. Also I am no software guru, but I do know my windows functions well and that my keyboard cannot adju7st the volume up and down using F8 F9 or F7, the whole row doesn't work although I have looked7 through the windows settings. Finally, sometimes I am not able to click in the operating system, without pressing alt or tab first.

    #2 THE BUILD
    I live in a school environment, and we have to hand in the laptops in at night. I put the laptop away by myself, but somehow it seems to sustain a few bumps and scratches. I have 3 dents in the back of my laptop and all I do is just place my laptop in for the night. I can insure you that throughout the day, there is no way that my laptop can be dented, as the laptop stays on my bed out of sight, when I am working. Let me put this into perspective, Ive only had this laptop for around 6 months, and there are various scratches all over that can't be removed, and 3 dents; my old laptop (macbook) which was 3 years old had zero dents and scratches (although a broken hinge allowing it to go flat screen), eventhough I did throw it a round quite a bit, like just chucking my laptop on a desk 4 inches below. The sad thing is I can't treat my laptop like I treated my macbook, as I don't have that amount of trust yet with the build of the x5v6, and with some light usage there are already damage done. The screen is also really flimsy, and wobbles constantly when adjusting it, with my light usage the screen was already obtained some bends in the sides.

    Ive made multiple attempts to contact the support (not on this account) to address the software issues. I had a mouse that worked absolutely fine for the past year prior, then as soon as I plug it into my laptop, the mouse does not function anymore. The software that comes with the laptop, Aorus Fusion etc, I felt haven't fully communicated the capabilities of the hardware, also most of the drivers shipped with the laptop were outdated, and some even just missing.

    When I first saw this laptop, I only dreamed of getting it, so I saved money, and everyday I thought of buying this laptop for it being thin yet very powerful. The laptop is what it is, it's thin and powerful. Although the laptop lacks in a few departments, such as the ones mentioned above. With the amount of money I spent I wished there had been more to offer, product wise and support wise. If possible I could RMA this laptop, or maybe refund it (warranty is over, but im hopeful).
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