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X7 v6 Keyboard recognition problem after restart

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  • X7 v6 Keyboard recognition problem after restart

    I started using my new Aorus X7 v6-PC3K4D laptop and within 2 weeks it developed a problem where the keyboard LEDs do not light after restart, and the wrong characters appear when a key is pressed (everything on the keyboard is one key off.) There are similar problems reported throughout this board, but I never saw a definitive solution. All of the drivers/firmware were updated, and then I even reinstalled Windows 10 and updated drivers/firmware all over again. It takes 6 to 12 hard restarts for the keyboard to be recognized and begin working again after the laptop is unplugged and moved from work to home. I attempted to open a ticket 24 hours ago with Aorus. No auto-acknowledgement, no nothing. 3 to 7 days to expect a response? Anyone have any other ideas?

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    Can you please send me your info to the mkt inbox (email, country, unit serial number).
    The quickest way is to contact your nearest service center and send your unit in for an RMA or contact your purchase point and see if you can get a exchange(winthin the exchange time).



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      I had this problem if I had a gaming mouse plugged in with extra keys (specifically the Razor Naga Chroma). After a Windows Update, it is recognized as the keyboard over the default keyboard. When I unplugged the mouse and restarted, everything was normal again.