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Aorus x7 DT Power loss issues in game

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  • Aorus x7 DT Power loss issues in game

    Ive been recently losing power while playing games like GTAV and PUBG while my laptop is plugged in. Ive tried the updated BIOS and changed power setting and the issue still persists. Any fix ? also im not very tech savvy. thanks

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    I have uploaded the new BIOS for you.


    • Murmow
      Murmow commented
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      I updated them yesterday. I was already sent new bios.

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    Whom sent you the new bios?
    So the same version does not work?


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      patrick.lai is the email that sent me files both times. The first file which I updated two days ago didnt work and the one I just received I havent tested yet. But I assume are the same BIOS files. Ive reduced everything I can and still loose battery charge. This is very odd.


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        The new one that I sent you should be the newer BIOS file.
        Please take a look.



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          ever since those updates ive been losing frames. The power issue is fixed but now I start games at about 100fps and they drop consistently to 20 or so frames 15/20 mins in game. The only way I found to reset the cycle is to unplug my laptop and plug it back in. The frames get worse as it pulls from battery and then go back to a 100 for 10/20 mins until the cycle repeats. Any solutions?


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            Let me take a look. Get back to you ASAP!



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              Hi Murmow!

              Please have a look at this thread. I am sure you suffer from the same problem.

              In short: the PSU of the X7 dt v6 is not strong enough to sustain the power for the GPU and CPU at a time. AORUS-MTK avoids to talk about this, but even with a stronger PSU the Aorus X7 dt V6 is limited to 230Watts. You`ll find hints in the thread mentioned.

              However. You can solve the issue by undervolting the GPU via Afterburner. This will stop the periodically throtteling and will prevent draining of the battery. You should find the howto here:

              Best regareds


              P.S.: "Let me take a look" means: "I am only a moderator and nobody at Aorus engeneering ever listens to anything I say."

              P.P.S.: Undervolting the Graphics card will still allow you to OC GPU and GPU. I run my machine with 4.0 Ghz on all Cores + 1797mhz on GPU at 875mV.
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