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AORUS X5 v6 - Installing Windows 7 onto SSD

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  • AORUS X5 v6 - Installing Windows 7 onto SSD

    Hi everyone,

    I'm attempting to uninstall Windows 10 and install Windows 7 onto the machine. I have made various backups of the Windows 10 installation onto the 1TB drive (including a system image as well)

    The computer would not recognize my bootable USB until I reset the BIOS to Windows 7 defaults. The problem now is that the Windows 7 installation will not detect my 250 GB SSD (where the current Windows 10 installation is). The installation tells me that drivers must be selected in order to find the drive, and no drives show up when it asks to select which drive to install to (however "browsing" for drivers will show the 1TB hard drive). Any ideas how I can install Windows 7 onto the SSD? Why won't the Windows 7 installation find the drive so I can format it and install Windows onto it?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    **All of my computer parts are stock and nothing has been modified

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    It's a Toshiba SSD, maybe you can find the drivers from their website and put them on a USB thumb drive?


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      So, any luck?

      I think I had the same problem with x7 some years ago and to sort it out I just downloaded the drivers and pointed the installation to them


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        maybe try to install the SATA driver for WIN7. You can copy the file into USB disk and have insert it once the Windows installation program ask you to do so: