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Aorus x7 v6 Screen Flickering

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  • Aorus x7 v6 Screen Flickering

    Yesterday I've recognised some weird display problems on my one week old x7 v6. After leaving computer idle for a while screen makes flickering which is observable naked eye and very disturbing.

    Sometimes this happens with some vertical lines on it. As you can see on the video above. And also in this video:

    In another video there is only one line and right hand side is flashing:

    These display problems seems temporary for now, but it still takes about half an hour to fully disappear. May it become permanent by time?

    So, it seems I must replace the unit in this condition, but I'm still worrying about the next one. Is this a general or chronic problem? If I replace this one, may the new one have the same issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Emrede,

    I would suggest you to send in for a replacement before the "replacement time" expires.
    If that persists, I can help you further.
    For now, I will send this through to the AORUS team but I am sure this is not a common issue.

    If you do need an RMA, please contact your nearest service center.


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      I have noticed the exact same issue with my X7 V6 FHD IPS model quite a few times after leaving the laptop idle for some time. I have also noticed though that the problem goes away after restarting the laptop, so could it be a software issue from some of the Aorus drivers?


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        I am not sure, I thought the same thing but I couldn't find any fix. I have returned the laptop and bought a new one as Aorus-MKT advised and new one doesn't have the same problem.


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          I thought I was the only one with this issue. My screen has vertical flickering lines after disconnecting from external displays. It never does it otherwise. It does however go away after 30 minutes to an hour. Restarting the computer repeatedly helps make it disappear quicker.

          Aorus-MKT, what should be my next step? If I have to RMA it (which I really don't want to because I can't be without a laptop for more than a couple days), is it possible to just get a model without HDs or SSDs so I can just put my current SSDs in when it arrives. It would save so much time not having to download and reinstall every program and game.


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            Hi Jgalewsk,

            After consulting the service team, they said it is ok to remove your storages but there are still a small percentage with the drive that has your os on, if a new hardware (e.g. motherboard) is changed, then your os drive would need a reinstall. But it seems that your issue has to do with the display, so it won't be a problem for you to remove the drives, just be careful when doing so


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              About this issue, I noticed that after the latest BIOS update the flickering didn't appear again, but vertical lines still appear on the right side of the screen after leaving the laptop idle on a dark background.

              It seems quite strange, but when the laptop remains idle and the screen displays a light colour such as white, then no lines appear. Also the problem goes away after few minutes if I display a light background, so the problem appears and remains only when displaying dark backgrounds on the screen.. Does this offer any help in figuring out whether it is software or hardware related?


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                Hi Leonidasarch,

                Please send me (MKT inbox) your unit's serial number. I would like to check your SKU. There maybe a fix without an RMA.

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                  I am also having the same problem on my Aorus X7 v6 FHD screen. It not only happens after leaving it idle but also after i unplug my external monitor which is my main display. However, the problem is much worse. It is to the point where i can see lines on the screen and different parts of the screen will display different colors altogether along with the crazy flickering. The lines go away when i restart the laptop but not the flickering and that is the seriously annoying part as my eyes are quite sensitive to it. Tried to roll back and reinstall graphics drivers but the same issue keeps persisting. Please advise. This is an incredible laptop and this is the only thing that is ruining the experience of using this beast. I dont want to find out i spent so much on this to find out that it comes out of the factory with a defect


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                    Hello, i am experiencing the same issue, as the OP. Does anyone have the solution?His Youtube video pretty much tells the story. What can be done apart from sending it back to repair?