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X5V6 Keyboard shifted one space to the left

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  • X5V6 Keyboard shifted one space to the left


    I was creating a new macro to switch off the Bluetooth when the lights went out on my keyboard. I tried to turn them back on using the fn/space shortcut with no success, after this I tried restarting my laptop, this caused my laptops keyboard to shift one key over to the left having my caps lock on the G3 key and enter on the # key. I was able to get this to fix itself by shutting down the laptop restarting it, then whilst it is loading pressing the power button to force it to power off. This caused it to do a long boot when started again and seemed to fix this problem.

    If anyone else has this problem I hope this helps and I would like it if this could be looked into as this should not happen, especially with a program shipped with the laptop.

    Thank You

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    Hi Reaperman197,

    Thanks for your help on this.
    If you experience any other related issues, please feel free to give us an update.


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      Could you elaborate on what you mean by "long boot", I hope im doing this wrong because Ive been dealing with a similar problem for months now.


      • AORUS-MKT
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        Have you sent in your unit for an RMA?

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      Sorry for the late reply.

      By long boot I was referring to where it actually shows the bios splash screen with the white text at the bottom saying how to get into the bios and dose not just jump into the windows loading screen.

      I hope this helps


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        sorry this didn't work for me

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      I'm in school, I can't exactly just stop taking notes