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USB type-c monitor comptability

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  • USB type-c monitor comptability

    Hey guys,
    I consider buying a monitor that connects (screen, USB hub, Audio IO, Camera etc.) via USB type-c , such as Lenovo's ThinkVision x1 or LG's 27UD88.
    is the Aorus x5s V5's USB support this type of streaming? and if so, would you get the full refresh rate?
    Moreover, is the Laptop can be charged (even very slowly, 60Wh) using this connector, in parallel to the actions described above?
    Thanks in advance, K99.

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    I am not so sure. You should do more research before you buy it though. Make sure that you are not mixing thunderbolt 3 and usb c. I only know that Aorus does not support external graphics cards that require a thunderbolt 3 port. The speed of a thunderbolt 3 is just so much quicker than a usb c. It might still be supported but I can not guarantee.