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Upgrade hard drive in the X5

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  • Upgrade hard drive in the X5

    I recently bought a X5 v6 and I want to upgrade the HDD into an SSD. I haven't decide whether I want a 2.5 inch drive or an M.2 drive. Either way I will remove the HDD, since it can be easily damaged if I move the computer around while it is spinning. What tools do I need to do that? Will this violate my warranty? I would like to have an answer from Aorus AORUS-MKT. Also, from a post or website I saw earlier, some guy testing 960 pro in the X5, one of the three M.2 slot in for the Live stream engine and doesn't have full support for a M.2 SSD,(lower speed) which port is that? Any help will be appreciated.

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    On a strict note, the answer would be yes, the warranty would be violated.
    I would suggest you to send it through to AORUS for any upgrades.
    Unless you have a special request and I can somehow pass that through to the team for review.



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      Forgot your other question
      "It’s mSATA slot 2 located close to the battery"


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        Hi, Anyone know if I will be ok upgrading the HDD in my X5 V6 to a 7mm HDD, as I believe the stock one is 9.5mm. Will the caddy counter the difference in thickness? I don't want to damage the sata port.