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Is Replacing Thermal Past Covered?

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  • Is Replacing Thermal Past Covered?

    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if I replace the thermal past on my laptop will it still be covered under warranty?
    Lots of people have done this and showed massive temperature drops from it, so I would love to do this but only if it is still covered by warranty after. There have also been a lot of people saying it is still covered by warranty after but I haven't been able to fined anywhere that a aorus representative has said this. I would hate to do this to a new laptop just to have to return it for another reason later just for them to say o sorry we cant take it back because you opened it.

    I have replaced thermal past in multiple laptops and desktops so this will not be my first time doing this, just my first time doing this to a aorus product.
    Also I live in the UK if that makes any difference to there policy.


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    a quick search would give you the answers
    but in short all depends on ur skills and equipment.
    but to be 100% sure let the service center do it.
    below is a simple forum search on thermal paste and here are some quotes.

    1) You can modify the RAM and storage without voiding warranty. However, re-pasting thermal paste requires removing the thermal module, which does affect the warrnty. I'd suggest contacting a local service center and have them do the job.
    Hi Paul,

    Generally we are pretty lenient about warranty. If the customer is capable of replacing their thermal paste themselves to try and improve their performance, we will not penalize them by voiding a warranty. Just as caution if you are not confident in your ability to do it, we usually suggest having a Service Center do this, but if you feel you can do this work yourself, then by all meant go for it, it will not void your warranty.


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      HI Gespensterjaeger,

      Thanks for yor reply, this was very helpful.


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        I do believe it depends on where you live. In my country - Korea - they do allow you to dissemble the laptop, and still covered in warranty as long as you don't break the laptop.