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Aorus x5 v6 keyboard not working

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  • Aorus x5 v6 keyboard not working

    I really do love my x5 v6, however ever since I got it Ive had a few issues with nothing but the keyboard. It's now escalated to the point where the the fusion driver has stopped working all together and I can no longer us the on board keyboard. I'm typing this on a USB and it's just not the same. Before the program stopped working I also had issues like pressing shift and z at the same time in games would also press tab, making dolphin diving in fps practically impossible (I play weird fps games and tab is scoreboard so I'd dolphin dive for a kill then be completely disabled).

    If I could get a driver or version of it thats in between the most recent and the one on the website maybe that would fix it, otherwise I'm completely screwed

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    Why is this not being addressed? I have the same issue with the keyboard. At first, the backlight stopped functioning simultaneously as the Fusion software. I updated the firmware and updated the software to no avail...
    I can live with the banding in the panel, but something as trivial, not to mention essential as the keyboard not functioning properly , if at all is inexcusable... all the more considering that this us not a $200 chromebook..

    UPDATE: Welp, in an attempt to fix the aforementioned issue with he keyboard, I tried to update the BIOS using the bundled "Drivers Update" utility..
    My laptop is now bricked... Thanks. Really useful software there Gigabyte....
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      just got my x7 back last week from RMA, same reason for brick as DanielGryphon. It works now but I tried to make a macro in Fusion and now my keyboard is dead...Fusion no longer opens either. *rage!!* can i somehow delete the macro through files or am I SOL? i was just assigning ctrl+shift+esc to the G3 button! the keyboard died as soon as i clicked save. Already tried uninstall/reinstall of fusion. using onscreen keyboard now......seriously with this???


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        Hi scootypuffjr,

        Can you please send me your RMA number and I will take a look on what they did with your unit.



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          private message sent

          Edit: *disregard, I restarted 3 separate times and the keyboard magically started working again...everything I know about computers is wrong.... On another note, it is interesting to know that I am not the only one whose BIOs update bricked the PC.
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