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    I was thinking in buy an X5 V6 from Newegg.

    But i´ve read they have a lot of issues with the Killer WiFi Card.

    So far i have been researching on Google and i didn´t find any problem related to X7 V6 in terms of WiFi Card.

    I like mostly the X5 V6 also it is $100 cheaper than X7 V6.

    I read that replacing the card with an Intel 8265/8260 helps a lot.

    What do you recommend me guys? The X7 v6? The X5 v6? Another non Aorus branch.

    My buget is around $2100 USD, please take into account i live on Dominican Republic so i only have 2.4 Wireless bands available. And my current router is 802.11b/g/n Channel width configured at "20MHZ", but can be changed to "40MHZ" or "Auto 20/40MHZ".

    The distance between mi route and my laptop is more or less 6 metters between them exist a concrete wall.

    Fact: With my current (Laptop Dell Inspiron 15R) i currently get 5-4 bars and my contracted download speed is 25 Mbps and that laptop have no problem downloading at that max.
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