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Black screen after BIOS flashing on Aorus X5 V6

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  • Black screen after BIOS flashing on Aorus X5 V6

    I got my newest Aorus X5 V6 couple of days ago and I really like the notebook. It is solid, powerful, great specs.
    It is a model with 3K display and 16GB of RAM.

    So, I have finalized settings today, put all updates and software onto the notebook.
    But after BIOS flashing and Windows 10 Creators Update I stuck with black screen! It does not work any more.

    The notebook reacts on G-key pressing, it can show the battery level when switched off, but it is not loading anymore. Just black screen of death.

    Is there any chance to downgrade the BIOS? Or I should bring it back to store only?
    I can try to reset the CMOS if it will not void the warranty.

    Please help!
    Notebook is not loading anymore
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