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    Do you know the availability of the x7 v6 to the US? East Coast if that changes anything.


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      When will the X7 V6 DT be available in Canada? I am interested in buying a X7 V6 DT but I can't find any published release dates. I notice that a few online UK sites offer pre-order for this laptop. What Canadian retailer will sell this laptop? NCIX? Any information will be appreciated.



      • HenrySSS
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        Hi, can i get a response? thanks,

      • pvomega
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        I've been where you are. I don't think they can give us a release date becuase they don't have it. And rather than give a false date, they're saying nothing. Its the classic problem of zero info being zero info. And sadly, this world isn't patient enough for the courtesy "we haven't heard anything yet" every few days. They're probably wondering where their stock is too.

      • pvomega
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        I've noticed today pre-order on for the X7 v6 (No 4k, only a 2.5k (2560x1440) and a 1080p SKU) and the X5 v6 with 3k (2880x1620) screen. Date is showing end of september for first stock. Obviously with a big red ! disclaiming responsibility if stuff don't show.

        Don't see anything for the DT - which is what I'm waiting for as well. But its a good sign that is showing the other models.
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      by the way,when is thetime for X7 V6 DT availability in China ?


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        From what i'm getting at the moment: mid-Oct.


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          new AORUS models are arriving in China around late October. I can't confirm on the exact models yet though.


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            Hey Aorus,

            I was wondering when you might be available for purchase via Amazon in the US. My shipping situation is such that I cannot have the package delivered to my door for fear of theft and I'm in school most weekdays so I'm hoping to have it delivered to one of Amazon's "pickup" locations. Any ideas when we might see the x5 v6 specifically available on Amazon?


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              Newegg is selling it and they have a "pickup at Fedex Office" option where you can get it at any Fedex location.


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                I feel the lack of communication from Aorus disconcerting. I simply asked for an expected date of Canadian availability and I have received no responses. What happens if the Aorus laptop i purchased failed? If there are warranty issues, will my questions also fall on deaf ears?

                I really like the X7 V6 DT but I think I will order the Razer Blade with the 1060 GPU instead. This thread on the Razer board really makes me feel that Razer offers exceptional customer service.


                When the X7 V7 DT is released, I hope Aorus will do a better job at communicating with their potential customers.


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                  While I share the idea that the lack of answers from AORUS-MKT on some threads (and pms) while still being "active" to posts tests and marketing stuff (which is pretty much what the guy is being paid for in the first place though, let's be fair) is quite concerning (his usual reactivity here being part of what initially got me to buy a laptop from this brand), I can't see how locking a topic saying that he will pm the guy and that razer support would help (while other people in the thread were actually saying that they didn't help them either in the first place) show anything exceptional ? look at it more closely and you'll see OP changed his status to "frustrated" a couple hours later, so I guess that pm didn't went so well either ... not trying to be a fanboy or anything there, just saying that if anything, this thread only show how much one should avoid razer unless he/she can buy it local (might be the case in canada tho, wouldn't know about that since i'm in europe and razer just ignores us ...)

                  Now, as someone who went through 2 RMA procedure and is about to start a 3rd one (yep, i've been really unlucky with that one ...), I can tell you Aorus tech support is quite responsive and so far never refused to repair (and they already changed the whole motherboard twice ...), then again, as said on other topics, experience may vary from a country to another since they use third party service centers, which is why you should always contact Aorus tech support before contacting the support center, so they contact them too and the thing go pretty smoothly (well, that's my experience so far, and my 2 RMA procedures went through 2 diff service centers, 3rd is about to go with another one as well so I'll report on the quality of that one as well )

                  Hope that helped
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                    Hi Everyone,

                    Sorry for the long wait.

                    The discussion with retailers in CA was still on going, thus I could not give you a quick reply.
                    It seems that the X7 DT v6 won't be available in CA for the mean time.

                    Please keep an eye on retailers in America as the X7 DT v6 will be available there around the end of October.

                    AORUS Gaming


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                      I really want to like you guys. I love your per-key lighting design (although the font is a bit funky). I like the idea that your systems are expandable as much as they are. Disappointed that you didn't latch on to the Thunderbolt 3 (you might want to correct Newegg on that as their site lists thunderbolt 3 as a part of your X7 and X5 v6 products), as the TB3 would mean getting a 1070 would be more than enough with the external GPU capability of the TB3 should I need even more horsepower. But this lack of not only transparancy but even of QA on some devices (assuming the pictures were taken of actual for-sale devices) is very disturbing.

                      I was looking at the images of an X7 on and it looks like one of the ports was missing on the picture AND you could see the mainboard in the gap that should have been covered by at least a plastic blank. Its right next to the HDMI port and looks like it should contain the "surround" port. As for the X5, the first video reviews of the device show some extreme keyboard flex, and while the per-key lighting is cool, its not cool enough to make up for the craptastic font positioning and the fact that one of the official images of the font placements on the keyblanks look misprinted (the number 4 key where the 4 is lower than the rest of the row's fonts - its on the product detail scrolling image at the bottom of the product page). I understand that these are probably pre-production images but still, if I can see circuits and components of the mainboard, it means crap is going to get into that chassis that shouldn't.

                      These are minor quibbles if they're not representative of the product in general. Because I know that similar notes were made of several of your competitor's products and my experience with them has not nearly been as bad. That said, with the lack of transparency - even if your hands are tied -you might want to consider bringing it to the attention of those who are in charge that silence is not expected in this segment of the market. You might be negotiating - but you can at least pop in and say: "Things are still ongoing, will let you know in a couple days/weeks" and if you can't say anything in a couple days or weeks, at least say "Still working on it, give us a few more days/weeks..." IF you think its going to be a month, tell us its a month, and if its done in a week we'll be pleasantly surprised and happy. if it takes another month, tell us that - we might be a little annoyed but at least we won't feel abandoned. Not responding at all is a horrible thing to do to people who are asking pertinent questions about common concerns and is not only how you lose loyal customers but also driving away people who generally like your product's promises but just can't commit because the customer service/quality is looking to be horrific.


                      • AORUS-MKT
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                        Hi Pvomega,

                        Thank you very much for all the details!
                        With comments like this only further improves our quality here at AORUS.

                        Thanks again!

                        AORUS Gaming

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                      Any news on availability of the x3 plus in the UK?


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                        Hi Latep,

                        The X3 Plus v6 will be ready in the beginning of November.


                        AORUS Gaming


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                          Sure, I can guess - most likely its: 1) = 2x 8GB, 2) = 260 pin SODIMM, 3) = wait several months until you randomly run across an advertisement for its availability?

                          But it would be sooo much nicer to actually know from the horse's mouth