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Aorus Gaming Laptops - Support Section / FAQ & Updates

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  • Aorus Gaming Laptops - Support Section / FAQ & Updates

    Hello everyone!

    In order to help us serve our customers better support, we've made some slight adjustments and changes to the forum.

    You'll now see we've added a FAQ & Updates and Support sub forum under the Gaming Laptops forum.

    We've made these changes to centralize sources of information for both updates and support in the future for both us, and you our customers to help provide you better support!

    What can you do to help us? That's easy! Be sure if you have technical problems with your AORUS machines to post in the Support forum so we can assist you as quickly as possible!

    Thank you for your support!

    AORUS Gaming

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    ‚ÄčI have a Aorus X7 and I am a complete Noob... Macro in gaming.......How do I get/set up a macro so that six keys (six instructions happen exactly at the same time) I manage sequential but its beyond me to get them concurrent Helpppppp


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      Hi Caulalin,
      when recording the macro, make sure there's no delay time between the key actions.

      Example: [press key1], [press key2], [press key3], [delay time xx], [release key1], [release key2], [release key3]
      this would be seen as all three keys pressed at the same time, then released at the same time.
      however, do note that some games require a certain minimum delay time between the actions.

      AORUS Gaming