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Aorus X7 Pro V5 or wait for Aorus X7 DT?

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  • Aorus X7 Pro V5 or wait for Aorus X7 DT?

    So basically i'm really keen to get my hands on an X7.

    I've been putting it off for a couple of months, continuously saying "I'll wait for a more powerful one" and have now reached the point where i'm about to buy the new v5... HOWEVER

    It's been brought to my attention that a new X7 DT will be coming out soon with a GTX980 in it... which sounds rad.

    I'm big into my PC gaming and would obviously love it if the VR tech worked on my computer, but i'm not totally certain...

    Basically i'm trying to ask whether it's worth getting the new X7 Pro V5 and hope that it runs some VR stuff in the future, or wait until the DT comes out, but even if it does it might be out of my price range...

    Help a brother out - let me know some stuff that will help me better guide my decision!

    Thanks in advance, everyone!

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    I am not sure mate. As fas as I know, Nvidia has announced the release month for mobile pascal gpu. It will be Jun, and that's the same month when x7 DT is coming out. If I were you, I would just wait for X7 v6 since it will be much more powerful than x7dt


    • jasonlprice14
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      Any idea when X7 v6 will come out?

    • ggamdog1
      ggamdog1 commented
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      There is a rumor that laptops with pascal gpu will be launched around Aug ~ September.