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Aorus X7 v2 motherboard dead

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  • Aorus X7 v2 motherboard dead

    I bought an X7 in Dec 2014 from Overclocker UK. After just 2.5 years the mother board has died. I believe the warranty is 2 years (?). I consider this a very poor product to only have lasted this long with only minimal usage (once or twice a week for an hour or so) If this is the case what are my options as at the moment I'm extremely disappointed with this product.

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    Originally posted by bobbymatchbox View Post
    Hey mate, I just got my laptop (X7V2) back from repair for the second time in 2 years.

    First time was just after they installed it (laptop was previously V1) when the mini DisplayPort failed.
    This time it completely failed (no display output from any connector, no display on laptop screen, sudden thermal shutdown)

    The laptop was technically out of warranty but I was able to persuade them that irrelevant of the warranty period it was unacceptable that it had failed (in my case, for the second time)

    Obviously Australia has different consumer laws but I'm sure there can't be that different in the UK.

    My recommendation, read the appropriate laws and policies and see if there are any that detail your rights regarding goods that have not lived up to their expected lifespan in relation to price/perceived value.
    Laptop: Aorus X7V2 (Upgraded by Aorus from V1)
    Primary Monitor: Phillips BDM4065UC/75 (40" 4K@60hz)
    Auxilary Monitors: 2 x BenQ GL2460HM (24" 1080p)
    1 x AOC M2870VQ (28" 1080p)
    Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB
    Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei/Logitech M570


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      Hey bobbymatchbox,

      I'd say your best bet would be to contact AORUS warranty support and see if they would help you out, since it's not too far out of warranty. You can get the contact information for your country at The page is a bit broken due to the redesign of their website, so if it doesn't work for you, try