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X3 v6/v7 barebones version

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  • X3 v6/v7 barebones version

    Hello everyone.

    - Is there a barebones version of the 94Wh model, so I can choose my own RAM and SSD without paying for 8GB dimms that I am never giong to use?
    - Is there a way to put an LTE modem in the X3?
    - Is there even a 94Wh model?


    --- My current situation ---
    I have been looking out for a new Laptop for a while but since I have apparently very niche needs there do not seem any options without having to compromise.
    What I care about is: Battery live, size(width&height), display quality, build quality, performance and acustics.
    I do not care about thicknes, i would totally buy a 4cm thick 14" notebook, too bad nobody makes one.
    The Aorus X3 hovever does tick most of the boxes. The AERO 14 also looks interresting.
    I currently use a Thinkad x250 wich is great and the battery lasts forever but it also lacks power (because putting a f**king 2.5" bay in a 12" nothebook is more important than a second memory slot wich cripples the iGpu more than it allready is).