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New year resolution

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  • New year resolution

    I bought a aorus X5v6 in November and I am very satisfied with the product. However I think there is a few areas that future product can improve upon.
    1. Wifi
    My product suffers from slow connection over distance, even slower than my old Toshiba laptop. And from what I read on this forum, it is a very common issue for all aorus laptops. Both older and new model with different NIC (Intel and Killer). There is definetly something wrong with the design that causes this problem.
    2. key board
    The keyboard is having a weird issue. When you press ade it will register adeq. Someone explained that it's just the key board is using an very ancient register mechanism. Seriously, my old Toshiba laptop wins again. Just update the keyboard to what I suppose is standard these days. And maybe also experiencing with some newer keyboard. Like the low-profile mechanical keyboard Razer uses on the Blade pro, they screw that one up but you guys can make it work.
    3. Screen
    Mine comes with a 1620p 3K screen that is good in it's own rights. It's just not very main stream, ie. 1080p, 1440p and 4K. Most games and hardware is developed around these resolution, using a different resolution can cause some problem while using. The 120Hz screen is a great addition, but a 1440p 120hz powered by a GTX1070 in the X7? There is no way it's going to utilize that display. just put a screen according to the horsepower of the hardware. I also heard about striping issus and other issus that definetly need to be fixed.
    4. I/O
    This computer comes with a ton of ports, but some a not really useful. A dedicated audio and mic jack is one of them. A combo jack is more useful and common theses day. And it would be nice for the type-C port to support thunder bolt.
    5. thinner, lighter more metal.
    This laptop is insanely powerful considering the size. But a product that put thin and light and premium in the advertisement, it is logical to push the limit is these areas.

    And here is a few other features that I think will be useful but is not necessary.
    1. Touch screen
    2. Better cooling, this computer is well cooled enough to start with. But there is a few new technologies being developed like vapor chamber or just put in more fans like MSI did with the GS63, which receive some very positive review.
    3. More selling option, so far there is only two option for each product that is two different screen. It would be nice to have more options like ram and storage. The computer is very up-gradable, but just in case someone doesn't like to mess around inside a $2500 laptop.
    4. AMD? I understand that Intel and Nvidia is simply better in performance for the last few year. But AMD is having a promising come back, if the ZEN and Vega live up to the hype, it would be nice to have a AMD option Alongside Intel/Nvidia option.
    5. Costumer service. The aorus team is amazing, but there is very few service shop in some country, Canada for example. And the few is not a well know name, just some small local shop. It would be better if I can get a fix in Newegg or MS store.
    6. New case. All I wanted is a gaming laptop that doesn't scream gamer and aorus does it perfectly. I just feel that the design is not as sleek and Macbook or XPS series from dell.

    As I said earlier, I am very satisfied with the product. I never regretted after the purchase. It is the closest to perfection by my standard in laptops on the market. But there is still room for improvement. Somethings like design is more of a personal preference but others like WiFi problem is an objective fact. I how aorus is going to become even better in 2017.

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    Hi David,

    Greetings and happy holiday! well not for the MKT team...
    I will try and answer your questions one by one. Here it goes.

    1. I have sent this to the AORUS team to test again (tested before and it was fine).
    2. Please refer to the new firmware that has been uploaded sometime last month (check the announcement section). The keyboard upgrade or mechanical keyboard, I can't tell you anything about anything, or you know, I might get fired
    3. Please refer to the "striping post" for more information. Regarding the 3k display, it is a good balance of performance because to run some games at 60fps on 4k is still very demanding.
    4. Well noted.
    5. AORUS laptops are already one of the thinnest (gaming specs and GTX 10 series) there is in the industry, I really mean it...

    Thanks for all your thoughts and inputs. I will definitely pass this through!

    Cheers for now!

    AORUS Gaming


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      BTW, there is a writing contest going on. Please take a look at the "announcement" section.


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        Hello david

        on the 4th point of amd im going to have some dissapointing info.
        While i do understand why some might want an amd maybe loyal customer or etc etc reasons.
        Hope ur not offended.
        but sadly if we going by a valid buisness model or similar AMD will simply never be a good option.
        here is a few points why. so in conclusion its not a very economic route to go with AMD instead of INTEL if you want ur units to sell.

        1st point Amd graphics and amd processors sales are plummeting and has been bottoming out for few years now.
        Just by a study 4 months ago amd sold 3.000 units while intel sold 28.000 units in the EU dureing a investgation made by a independent company.
        80% of all laptops are made of intel processors for this very reason to sell.
        and make no mistake about it if a product dont sell its a loss for the company.
        Its quite costly to develope a mother board and houseing and etc etc and its a big investment for a laptop company to do.
        on the overall revenue list postings by both intel and amd you clearly see that amd is bleeding not only revenue but on market shares as well.
        so over and all not so good news.

        2nd AMD has never been a friend with tempratures or technology with power saveing.
        In this area wich is preatty mandatory for a laptop AMD simply is not up to par vs intel.

        3rd While AMD graphics are going up in standards their cpus are standing still in standards or improveing at a very slow speed.
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