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Aorus X5V6 battery life

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  • Aorus X5V6 battery life

    Recently, the battery life for my X5 dropped to around 1.5 hour idle on balanced mod with medium OC and a normal fan speed. I used to get around 3 hour downloading. In the past few day I go to eat dinner at 100% battery and came back 1.5 to 2 hour later it only have 10% left. This is amount of degradation within one month is insane. This is something I just noticed in the last two day And I will do some testing to get specific data over the weekend.

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    I think it's far more likely that there's something running in the background using cpu/gpu. Try running 'powercfg /batteryreport' and take a look at the rusults as that should tell you the original and current (last full charge) capacity of the battery.


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      The battery itself is fine, 94mWh as designed. But the battery life is dropped significantly since December. The estimated battery life was well beyond 3 hr in November and it dropped to sub 2 hr since December 3rd. I can't figure out why as the usage as stuff is normal.


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        Is it using the integrated graphics or the 1070?


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          All V6 product can't run a integrated GPU becaus G-sync


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            Although v6 products can't run on the iGPU, it's not because of G-Sync, but simply because Aorus chose not to include a MUX to switch between the dGPU and iGPU (along with a software or hardware switch to toggle the MUX), and instead only connected the dGPU. This is a huge bummer and will hopefully be corrected in v7 (I don't need the dGPU eating battery like when I'm trying to get work done on a plane).
            Of course, if you were to switch to the iGPU (via said MUX), you would not be able to use G-Sync until you switched back to the nvidia dGPU.