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x7 v6 DT Review

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  • x7 v6 DT Review

    Dear Aorus Team,

    i am sure speaking, that I am speaking for the entire community, if I say I am burning for a hands-on and in-depth review of your gorgeous X7 v6 DT. I pre-ordered and even pre-paid at my Aorus dealership in Taipei and waiting to get my hands on this rocket, even willing writing to write an entire review which could cover a comparison between the current x7 v5 camo (which I current own), a X7 DT (which my brother in law owns), and the X7 DT v6 (which i am waiting for).
    Would be great if you could point me into the correct direction for a review.
    Also would love to see you do another spin of the water transfer paint special edition, maybe with other color camp option like dark gray and light gray found in some modern war games. Wouldn't have minded if the DT v6 would come default this way, or is it maybe possible that you could customize one for me?

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    1. start with the packaging of the laptop
    2. unboxing
    3. outside of the laptop included goods
    3.1 Check build quality of the laptop - such as any gap in between the monitor and bezel, keyboard and palm rest, and etc.
    4. internal of the laptop - go over the thermal system.
    5. run LinX and furmark for the stress test
    6. Run more reasonable benchmarks as well - such as fire strike, witcher 3, Deus EX mankind devided, ect.
    7. Check the temperature of cpu and gpu (What I am really concern about)
    8. (preferably check internet speed. I have a bad experience with it, and just willing to see if Aours has fixed the problem)
    9. Conclusion - what you think about the laptop


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      Sure would do ASAP I got notification from Aorus. The dealer is saying end of October, and be honest considering what happened to the end June launch of the X7 DT, I obly can help this time they keep their word. For the X7 DT they slipped till Mid August fro their original End June.
      judt would love to see some reviews of it coming out.
      I am aware it won't be the quietest or most cool one among the 1080's, but it will be the most portable one.
      for that I can sacrifice noise and a bit of heat, as long it does not thermal throttle.


      • ggamdog1
        ggamdog1 commented
        Editing a comment
        Yeah, for 1080's, probably Aorus is going to be thinnest laptop. However, it might thermal throttle, if I consider previous generation of Aorus x7 DT thermal throttle as well. We will see how it is. Maybe Aorus included very impressive thermal system that could actually handle 1080 and i7-6820HK

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      Hope they did, the current DT seems not bad but you have to elevate to decrease air intact resistance to increase the air volume throughout and it seems to run without thermal throttle, but the fans are surely running at high rpm setting XD.