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X5 Thermal paste replacement is a power boost.

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  • X5 Thermal paste replacement is a power boost.

    Hi there

    I though about posting this here but it was already a topic affecting the x3 as far as I remember.
    I tried to get the last bit of power out of my X5. I frist started to use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and noticed that the CPU is thermal throttling by 50+ %. with vanilla settings.. it's nice to have such a CPU which isn't even usuable right? I decided to replace the OEM thermal paste with one which had 12.50 W/m K (Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut).

    So these are the results. Not to mention that I applied the paste as well to the GPU which was overclocked at both benchmarks with the value which provided the best results. (Core clock+135Mhz & memory clock +225Mhz)... See the difference It's noticeable.

    Left is before, right after.
    Before After

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    hi there! i hate having the same thermal throttling problem as you did. Any tips or tutorial videos you'd recommend to someone who's never re-pasted before? :S


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      Hi Nexolight,
      WOW... will definitely pass on the info back to the R&D Team for reference!

      Hi zac9500,
      If you haven't done it before, I would suggest contacting local service center for help though.

      AORUS Gaming


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        aorus do you have a local service center in sweden that can repaste my laptop ? dont need it right now but was hopeing to get it done soon


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          【Tel】 0776-700303
          【Address】 Låsblecksgatan 7, SE-589 41 LINKÖPING
          【Office hours】 Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm​​

          you can also check for other service centers via

          AORUS Gaming


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            Thank you so much will get in contact with them. and see how much they charge for a repaste / checkup