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Detachable Gaming Keyboard AORUS THUNDER K7 Unboxing!!!

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  • Detachable Gaming Keyboard AORUS THUNDER K7 Unboxing!!!

    When you get your AORUS THUNDER K7, you will see the package with a plastic sleeve...

    Take it out!! The front package is nice!




    In the box, there is another box with... EAGLE!!

    A shining model name!

    detachable num pad!

    A black wrist rest

    You can see the THUNDER K7 is added a "WIN LOCK" key.

    Magnetic pins on both sides of keyboard. It allows you to assemble the num pad.

    You can switch the colors

    2 lines, one for the keyboard; the other one is for num pad stand-alone mode.


    Lets start from the shortcomings: the keys are a little bit small; the magnetic pins are a bit sharp; the corners of the keyboard are somehow a bit sharp as well. And you can not take the wrist rest all together with the keyboard due to it is connected by the magnet.

    But overall I am pretty much like this keyboard for following reasons: you can independently use the num pad as a joystick, that's interesting! With the cherry red switches, the tactile is nice with the mechanical sounds. With the backlit, you can easily enjoy gameplay in the night, and the light is also adjustable. It has up to 100 macro keys to set up, which is A LOT!
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    Unfortunately I can not see any pictures man :P


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      It seems to refresh all of your image links.
      or just upload them to forum's server.


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        is it available here in the philippines? thanks!


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          I see you have a plastic cover in the package.I got mine in Australia ,and it doesn't have the plastic cover,I wonder if i got a second-handed one.And my number pad stand up click is much harder to put down then the others ,do you have the same problem?