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Graphical issues with GTX 1080TI waterforce WB

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  • Graphical issues with GTX 1080TI waterforce WB


    I have some strange graphical issues since the last weeks.

    I have some patterns on the screen, depending on the background it has a different color and is very disturbing and annoying. Whenever theres a change on the windows screen, e.g. moving the mouse or any text changes, these patterns are flickering. In games, I have some bright edges around objects, looks like an MSAA problem or clipping problems in the objects geometry.

    Perhaps a memory Problem? The issue looks like a stickfigure and one upside down - strange.
    I don't think it is overheating, because this also happens sometimes directly after windows startup and I didn't overclock the card (temperature is also ok).

    I am using 4k resolution. I found at least one way to initiate this issue manually, when I activate HDR on the windows display settings, it just starts and returns with HDR off, but then I got these issuses.

    Updating the nvidia drivers didn't help - it became worst, so I returned to the previous version.

    I used all HDMI ports, one for TV (Screen), one for Audio and the internal HDMI for Oculus. For testing, I used only the HDMI for TV, but also no improvement.

    Virus scanning on the PC was negativ and shutting down unnecessary services and applications didn't help.

    Any Ideas how to fix it? I tend to replace the card by a new one, but for a water cooling system, it is very time-consuming.

    As I said, it is really very disturbing and annoying for such an expensiv card.

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