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Aorus !080 Ti Xtreme WAterforce ( Aio ) Problem OC

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  • Aorus !080 Ti Xtreme WAterforce ( Aio ) Problem OC

    Hi, i buy this fantastic card from few days and I'm using Aorus Software. I'll set OC mode 1746.... and working fine, I check on professional Website for more OC on this card.
    When i use "professional mode" i try set voltage higher and power limit too, but always crashed when i try Bench or any games. Is software iusses? i see varius OC with this card and always go to push voltage 75 or 100 power limit 120% and 150% and 50 or 75 mhz and memory 300 or 400. I'm only can't using overvolt and powerlimit over default or crashed... why? plz help I would like push more this card, I have max temp 44 and I think i can OC whit no problems.