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AORUS 1080ti - HDMI 1 not working

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  • AORUS 1080ti - HDMI 1 not working

    I know someone else posted something similar but no resolution was posted.

    Recently purchased on of these cards - my set up is that I have an 42" Bravia TV and an Oculus Rift.

    Neither of these devices gets a signal connected to the HDMI 1 port.

    This is not a HUGE issue for me as I have a Display port => HDMI adapter. I am using my rift through this and my TV on HDMI2 (I have not tried the HDMI port on the front of the card)

    Just a bit annoying that I need to use the adapter.

    I have updated firmware / re-seated card / powered off and on, no luck.

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    I used an display port - hdmi adapter on my previous 980 card for hdmi audio. So I was very happy, that I found a card with three hdmi ports (55" TV, Audio and oculus rift). But I had some strange problems using one of the rear hdmi ports for audio. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not and it is still not 100 % fixed and stable. Sometimes it helped deactivating the rift audio...

    You have to activate the multiple screen support (e.g. nvidia settings), if not already done.